Let’s Talk About Change Management – PODCAST

  • Season 1 – Ep. 7

    Interview with Harsha Boralessa on the importance of resilience

  • Season 1 – Ep. 6

    Season 1 – Ep. 6

    When it comes to change there is not a one size fits all. in this episode I talk about the most common type of change initiatives.

  • Season 1 – Ep. 5

    Season 1 – Ep. 5

    In this episode I talk about the book of the month – CMI PMBok.

  • Season 1 – Ep. 4

    Season 1 – Ep. 4

    Over the past decade change management has become a popular profession. Many organisations realised the importance of managing the people side of change. How do you get into change? What can you do if you want to change profession?

  • Season 1 – Ep. 3

    Season 1 – Ep. 3

    When executives and managers discuss change the topic invariably revolves around resistance. In this episode I discuss why end users resist change and actions that you can take to get them onboard.

  • Season 1 – Ep. 2

    Season 1 – Ep. 2

    When I talk to clients about change management, it is not unusual for them to share their frustration with resistance to change. For example, the organisation has just announced the implementation of new software, a new system or an organisational structure, and some impacted people do not want to come on board.

  • Season 1 – Ep. 1

    Season 1 – Ep. 1

    Welcome to the first episode of Let’s Talk About Change Management. My name is Isabella Brusati, and I am your host! This podcast is dedicated to the people side of change: what works, what does not. I will share my +20 years of experience supporting clients and leading organisations with their change initiative. I will…

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