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I have been a fan of Michael Port’s work for years and I find his methodology Book Yourself Solid very effective. Michael Port is a New York Times best selling author and a professional actor (Law and Order, Sex and The City to name a few).

When I heard that he is going to launch a new book Steal The Show, it immediately got on my radar. Learning from a real pro is not something that happens every day!


Over the years I have read many books on public speaking, but somewhat I have always felt that something was missing. I have had the chance to read the advanced copy of Steal The Show and I realised what was missing elsewhere: a clear methodology that resonates with the way to express myself in every situation. This is not a book “just” on public speaking – it is a book that can be used to prepare effective presentations at work, sales pitches without being sleazy, job interviews and more whilst being yourself.

I am part of the group of volunteers that are working at spreading Steal The Show message in preparation of its official launch on 6th October 2015. You are aware that I very seldom promote products and that when I do that it is because I truly believe that you will get real value. I am not compensated to write this post and will not receive any commission from the sale of the book. I am talking to you about the book because I truly believe in its value. 


Steal The Show is not a book that you read and then put away: it is a reference book that you will go back to over and over again to get advice on how to structure your communication. In addition to the great long term value offered by the book, Michael Port is providing (at the time of writing) a ton of bonuses that make the purchase of the book a no brainer!

Want an example? If you buy a copy of the book for just over $18,00 you will get $1069 in value (no tricks here, Michael Port is a real pro and he is well known for his professionalism and integrity):

  • 3 hours video documentary never before seen footage from Michael’s masterclasses ($497 value)
  • Steal the Show study companion ($29 value)
  • The Book Yourself Solid Online Program ($497 value)
  • The Heroic Public Speaker Technology Toolkit ($46 value0

Check the official Steal The Show page to see what other bonuses you can get if you purchase the book (more copies, more bonuses … including an invitation to Michael’s wedding in December!).


You may say “Hang on, it is easy for you, you got a free advance copy“. Actually, as I do believe in the value offered by the book I purchased the physical hardcopy as well and I am looking forward for it to be delivered in my letter box. As I said, I talk about books and resources that I find of true value.


If you want a taste of the value offered by the book check out Michael Port’s podcast “Steal The Show” on iTunes. It is free and it will provide you with evidence of the power of Steal The Show: actionable steps that you can use immediately in your personal and work life. Subscribe to the podcast, download the episodes and enjoy. You like what you hear (I am pretty confident that you will as it is top notch and it is consistently rated 5 stars in iTunes reviews): order the book, download the bonuses and share the value of Steal The Show with your friends, colleagues and clients.

Me? I have already Christmas and a few birthday presents sorted for this year. A copy of Steal The Show for my friends, family and clients.



Please note that I was not compensated to write this post and I will not get any commission on the sales of the book. I truly believe in the value of Steal The Show and in the value of the bonuses offered by Michael Port.



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