August 5, 2015


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Last June I was selected as a winner of the Assochange contest “A Decalogue on How to Embed Change in The Organisation“.
Today I share my decalogue with you.


This is my winning decalogue:

  1. Track experience/results relating to chance management projects that have been implemented in the past (what worked and what didn’t work);
  2. Determine processes/best practices that you want to embed + get the management agreement with regards to best practices and information that will be communicated to the workforce and that you want to embed in the organisation;
  3. Involve the Human Resources Department: assessment/gap analysis/L&D;
  4. Involve the senior management and appoint a change sponsor that is going to actively support the project and best practices;
  5. Assess current organisation knowledge status + carry out gap analysis;
  6. Communication strategy + its implementation  (tools, timing, etc);
  7. Train line managers and the workforce on the best practices that the company wants to embed;
  8. Quick wins to reduce resistance to change and get buy in;
  9. Assess the progress and implement correttive measures, if required;
  10. Reinforce change via tools such as performance management, financial and non financial incentives.


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