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When talking to senior managers about culture they invariably highlight its importance in getting an edge over the competitors and leading a thriving organisation.

Yet, when discussing how to shape the organisational culture after a merger or an acquisition the reaction is “I leave it with HR”. This is a mistake.

Not because the HR function is unable to do the job, but because shaping and leading the organisational culture is within the remit of the senior management. The HR function can provide valuable support, but this is a task that should not be delegated.

Due to the questions that I get from my clients, readers and people that follow us on social media I will be writing a series of posts dedicated on how to support CXOs when shaping the company culture as a result of a merger and/or an acquisition. Of course the concepts explained in these posts apply also when dealing with any organisational cultural change.


In this post I invite you to get familiar with the concept of culture and its elements. I have written extensively about this topic over the years and having a grasp of the basics is key before getting to the next stages of the process.

In particular I invite you to watch my organisational culture video series before the next post on this topic. They are quick, yet comprehensive videos that will provide you with all the information you need to know to understand what is culture and its elements. Without solid foundations it is difficult to build on your knowledge.


Click on the link to watch the Video series 


If in the meantime you have any question please share it on LinkedIn



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